Polar Bear
Aesa’s guardian spirit

The daughter of a clan chieftain, Aesa longs to find love and happiness with Kiaran.

Guardian spirit: Snow Bear

Patron god: Odin

Clan: Bjorn

Arctic Fox
Ingirun’s guardian spirit

Aesa's best friend, Ingirun is fostering in the village to learn healing skills and magic from a local wise woman.

Fylgia: The Fox

Patron god: Freyja

Clan: Adogit

Siberian Husky
Kiaran’s guardian spirit

Renowned in the village for his good looks, Kiaran is the only son of Vigi Ulfrikson, a prosperous farmer.

Guardian spirit: Siberian Husky

Patron god: Thor

Clan: Bjorn

Nefja’s guardian spirit

Tall, strong, and dextrous, the complexity of Nefja's woodcarvings rival those of her brother's, much to her father's secret pride.

Guardian spirit: Wolf

Patron god: Yngvi

Clan: Bjorn

Dotta’s guardian spirit

The fourth of five children, Dotta is rather shy and quiet. Her family coordinates much of the village fishing enterprise.

Guardian spirit: Horse

Patron god: Nanna

Clan: Bjorn

Sea Eagle
Geirny’s guardian spirit

Geirny might seem a little stuck-up on first meeting, but she's generally kind and fun to be around.

Guardian spirit: Sea Eagle

Patron god: Idun

Clan: Bjorn

Sigrun’s guardian spirit

Sigrun may scrupulously avoid talking about her family's wealth, but her clothing and jewelry generally speak for her.

Guardian spirit: Lynx

Patron god: Mani

Clan: Bjorn

Sveni’s guardian spirit

Gangly and still growing into his limbs, Sveni does all the blacksmithing for his family.

Guardian spirit: Puffin

Patron god: Baldur

Clan: Bjorn